How to order ?

The home page offers you three main functions :

Identification " allows you to login and avoid entering your data (name, address, email) at each order. Later, this option will allow us to offer you new releases according to your taste, i.e. your previous purchases.

Search by Artist " allows you to have access to a band / artist’s complete discography (or at least the part of the discography that appears on our catalogue).

The most efficient way is to type in the most significant part of the artist’s name : for instance, to search for Jean-Pascal BOFFO’s discography, (labelled Jean-Pascal BOFFO, with a hyphen between Jean and Pascal), the best way is to type in " BOFFO ". You will then avoid any typography-linked problem. You will also find PENDRAGON by typing in " PEND ".

This search will give you all the records that exist on our catalogue for this particular artist, with each record’s title, format, timing, release date and price.

A shopping cart besides a title means that it is available : you can order it.

A red-crossed shopping cart means that the title is unavailable.

The green frame at the left of the screen allows you a Search by musical style : on a simple click on a specific style (eg. Progressive Rock or Blues), you will get the alpabetical list of all the artists belonging to this style, along with their nationality. If you click on a particular artist, you will get his discography, as in " Search by Artist ".

We wish to precise that our Progressive Rock list, which is our special field, includes almost 2000 artists. According to your Internet connexion, you will notice a certain time before it completely appears on your screen…

After this search by artist, the following screen gives you the possibility to click on a record to have further information : a text presenting the artist, the record cover and a MP3 musical sample. You will notice that from time to time one of the data is missing. Our online store has just opened and the digitalization of 5000 covers and as many musical samples is a long-term job.

You have the possibility, if you wish, to contribute to the extension of this database by providing us any missing record cover or musical sample. Send your covers in RVB format, .gif extension, 72 dpi, 5x5 cm, and your MP3 musical samples (60 seconds maximum, mono, 128K) to This website works as an interactive databank where all the music fans can share the information they have. That is why we deliberately leave the information corresponding to depleted records. It is not only about selling, but also about making information circulate.

Order " : once you have set your choice on a record, all you have to do is to click on the shopping cart at the end of the line (as long as it is not red-crossed). The Shopping Cart Content " then appears on your screen.

It allows you to visualise at any moment the details of your order as well as its cost, including shipping costs. The basket at the right end of the line allows you to delete one of the titles you have ordered at any moment. You can choose the delivery country thanks to a menu. If you change the delivery country, click then on Recalculate " to start a new calculation of your shipping costs.

On this screen, you can also choose your payment : if you choose to pay by cheque, click on By Cheque ", then on Order ".

You may also choose to send money through PayPal. To do so, please click on " By Cheque ", then on " Order ". Once the order has been sent, all you need to do is to transfer the amount to

A bank transfert is also possible. In this case, or if you want to inquire about any other payment method, please contact us:

If you entered your login when connecting to our site, you data will automaticaly appears in the form. Otherwise, you should enter then now.

Your order will be validated as soon as you click on Validate ".

We will then send you a confirmation e-mail indicating the details of your offer, which will be set aside until receipt of your cheque or money order.

If you choose Credit Card ", then Order ", you will get to the CyberP@iement secure payment website, where you will be able to give the details of your credtit card with confidence. You will receive a confirmation mail back. (This option will be available in a few days).

On receipt of your payment, the records will be dispatched in a 24-hour time by registered parcel (Automatically for customers outside Europe, on demand for other destinations: All our goods are shipped at the recipient's exclusive risks.