BELUGAS - Fauves Nocturnes

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BELUGASFauves NocturnesCD00:00:00201714,99 Add to my shopping cart
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InstrumentalGW 3183GW 31833426300031839
1 - N.F.I. - No Fictive Improvisation - (4'25)

2 - Room 306 - (4'54)

3 - Rabat - (4'38)

4 - A Trois - (3'22)

5 - Infernalité - (5'21)

6 - Fauves Nocturnes - (4'22)

7 - Temps Onirique - (4'59)

8 - Serpentin Du Temps - (5'26)

9 - Illusion - (4'31)

10 - Le Père - (3'34)

11 - Out - (5'20)

French band BELUGAS has this special gift for mixing various musical horizons. This sense of eclecticism can especially be heard in "Fauves Nocturnes", published on the label Great Winds in the year 2017. Ahmed Amine BEN FEGUIRA is playing oud with many effects added, enriching a sound sometimes electro, sometimes pop, sometimes jazz. The various wind instruments used by Renaud COLLET are here to colour the music, in an appropriate way. The rhythmic patterns dear to Fabien HUMBERT, diverse or powerful, are here to make the band more cohesive. As for Alain SIEGEL's keyboards, they're here to set the tone and the mood of the compositions, with the help of vintage layers as well as current electronic devices. In this music of the instant, each musician is bringing, through improvisation, the touch of liberty given by jazz music. At the same time, the musical narration is always here to talk about a climate, a history, a country... BELUGAS is an invitation on (a) journey(s), geographic and temporal, to be discovered without delay !