DICE (Germany) - Chance For The Link Of A Chain

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Welcome to an exciting trip through the colourful world of Progressive rock. The German Progressive rock band DICE had been founded in 1974 in G├╝tersloh (Westfalia), and is resident in Leipzig since the early Nineties. Extremely complex metric again meets perfectly harmonious arrangements! DICE fans can look forward to new long tracks. It is now almost normal for DICE, that they have compositions reaching beyond the 10-minute limit. "Para-Dice" (2012) sees the arrival of the superb German harp player Thomas HANKE. Especially in the over 20 minutes long "Flowing River Rain", his wonderful harp solos brings more than just a new musical color to the DICE sound. Furthermore, Ramona NOVE as background singer now belongs to the permanent cast of DICE. 2014 is a very special year for DICE ! In addition to the big event of the twentieth DICE album, the band also celebrates its fortieth year of existence... Not to mention Peter VIERTEL, who since 2004 is now on its tenth DICE studio album ! "Twentaurus" includes six Songs in one hour, that means five epic longtracks and one more "Dreamscene" (The Seventeenth). It takes courage, one instrument like the harmonica give such a large space, as happened here. Harmonica player Thomas HANKE is now a full member of the band and with his extraordinary virtuosity, he enjoyed the DICE fans especially in the many instrumental parts of the new album. Even with "Twentaurus", DICE shows tricky rhythm changes arranged at the highest musical level.