Frank ZAPPA - Understanding America

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Frank ZAPPAUnderstanding America2CD00:00:001966-198821,99 Add to my shopping cart
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EnglishZAPPA023892-2No Musea reference824302389225

How can Frank ZAPPA be defined other than being the closest artist to... Frank ZAPPA ?!? Guitarist, singer and iconoclast composer (This word was doubtlessly invented for him !), he created his own world. With his famous THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION, this American artist made a religion out of eccentricity since the Sixties. Nothing escaped from his creative madness: rock, pop, jazz, Progressive rock, jazz-rock, funk, classical music, popular tunes... He created a amalgam completely out of his mind and that doesn't sound like anything known, making it immediately identifiable. His numerous fans are, even today and ten years after his death, a particular community. A part of Frank ZAPPA's discography is now available in a mini-LP format (Japanese edition with cardboard cover). A part only, given that the artist used to complicate his listener's life by issuing more than one album each year on several different labels. What is left today is a cornucopia of music to (Re-)discover !