MAM - Jazz In My Musette

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InstrumentalJAZZ'ZIMUT41EX 970033426300097118

Celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary, the band MAM releases its new DVD "Jazz In My Musette", after having recorded nine albums throughout its existence. The project was born from the meeting of the musicians Viviane ARNOUX, François MICHAUD and François PARISI, on command of Raynald OUELLET, founder of the festival Carrefour Mondial L'Accordéon in Montmagny, Quebec, whom brought them together on stage in 2000. After the release of their follow-up album in 2005 and years of extensive touring, here's a new live footage, full of maturity. We cruise joyfully between the playful and "globble-trotter" jazz of MAM and that of François PARISI, more traditional yet vituoso jazz-musette. The latter is remembered for his precious collaboration to the project PARIS-MUSIETTE during the Nineties. Also on the DVD, you'll get an interview of the trio and part of a concert "snapped" during the Festival Des Puces De Saint-Ouen.