MIDAS - Eternal Voyage

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JapaneseBELLE172762No Musea reference4527516603236

MIDAS and its singer-violinist Eigo UTOH perform a melodic and elaborated symphonic Progressive rock, typical of the prestigious Japanese School of the Eighties. "Beyond The Clear Air" (1988) is often regarded as one of the landmarks of the genre. Included here are four long tracks with some energic rhythms, evoking CURVED AIR or OUTER LIMITS, peaceful and atmospheric PAGEANT-styled ballads with flying violin chords and precious guitar solos. Various styles are showcased here, from Rock In Opposition to folk-rock, not to mention neo Progressive, or even heavy-metal. This major opus has been jointly reissued by the Musea and Poseidon labels, with a bonus-track, called "Green Forest". Dissolved after this sole album, MIDAS reformed during the Nineties, and continues to publish albums since: "II" in 1996, "Third Operation" in 1999, "International Popular Album" in 2000... As the name implies, "Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Concert And Early Rare Tracks" presents on one CD a performance captured October 19th 2008 in Osaka, during the band's celebration of its quarter of a century, as well as four unreleased tracks recorded between 1983 and 1987. Not to be missed !