Rick WAKEMAN - Return To The Centre Of The Earth

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Rick WAKEMAN has frequently been described as a keyboards prodigy. After being famous as a session musician at the end of the Sixties (For works with David BOWIE, Cat STEVENS, T-REX and BLACK SABBATH among others), he reached the peak of his fame during the following decade, contending with Keith EMERSON for the title of "most skilful keyboardist". In 1973 he launched a solo career whose peak was probably his adaptation of the famous Jules VERNE story "Journey To The Centre Of The Earth". The only public performance of this piece was recorded on 18 January 1974 at the Royal Festival Hall in London with the assistance of the LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA and THE ENGLISH CHAMBER CHOIR. Like the tireless worker that he is, he recently completed a follow-up called "Return To The Center Of The Earth". Released on the EMI Classics label at the beginning of 1999, this epic features the participation of Patrick STEWART (From "Star Trek"), Bonnie TYLER and Ozzy OSBOURNE... "The Six Wives Of Henry VIII" was the first album released under his own name, revealing his penchant for extravagant classicism and more conventional modes of expression. "The Myths and Legends of King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table" was issued in 1975. "Lisztomania" is the soundtrack to the Ken RUSSELL film, issued in 1976 under the name "No Earthly Connection", while "White Rock" was the soundtrack to the Winter Olympic Games of 1976, just before the recording of "Criminal Record"... Now, the label Musea re-issues "White Rock II", an album originally recorded in 1999 and supposed to be the follow up to the album of the same name issued in the Seventies. Remaining as prolific as ever in this new millennium, Rick WAKEMAN has also decided to re-visit the repertoire of YES, the legendary line-up that brought him fame. The well named "Two Sides Of Yes" (2001) allows us to re-discover well-known compositions such as "Roundabout", "Close to the Edge" and "Wondrous Stories". His solo interpretation is quite different from the original versions, due to the predominant use of the piano and the absence of vocals. "The Meeting" is also there as a video bonus exclusively for your computer, and shows the artist alone with his incredible charisma at the piano. It has to be said that only a (Tiny) part of YES and THE STRAWBS former member's works is presented here... The concert issued from the Bedrock series is from now on available as an audio CD with the title "Live In Nottingham" (1990), and as a CD & DVD boxed set. The technical level he shows in each of his concerts can now be fully appreciated at home, comfortably sitting in your sofa, thanks to the wonderful DVD "Classic Rock Legends".