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THE NARCOTIC DAFFODILS bloom offering rawness and wildness through lyrics full of colours and poetry combined with music that takes you through a modern day trip right from the place you are. The universe of THE NARCOTIC DAFFODILS gives life to an alternative sound which is psychedellic by gestation, rock by nature and even in its most quiet state, moving. The self-titled album, released in 2011, offers a raw psychedelic trip based on heavy Hammond organ, indian sitar and light female vocals. The second opus, released in 2014, shows a mature evolution of the band, with still the use of Hammond organ and sitar, but also other instruments (Accordion, Mellotron, MicroKorg, Rhodes and W├╝rlizer electric piano...). With this new album, THE NARCOTIC DAFFODILS take us to the heart of a multicultural alternative travel with Paisley and strings of metal. In the same chords delicate and brutal, "Cellex" is a musical mosaic together the various frangments composing THE NARCOTIC DAFFODILS and telling all their stories in one symphony of rythms and rhymes. Whether in the studio or "Jolyne" recorded in the Basilique Cathedral of Saint-Hubert always a trip to remember.