CAST - Power And Outcome

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As steady as a click, CAST carries on making albums, so regularly that you have the feeling the Mexican band has always been a part of the Progressive rock scene. It could have been so, if only a lack of funds had not forced Alfonso VIDALES and his accomplices to wait twenty years until they could release their works. At least, since the band's birth in the Seventies, technology has evolved, and the band had plenty of time to polish up its music ! "A Live Experience" showed the arrival of these musicians from Mexicali to Musea, and this allows the delighted listener to listen to their best titles recorded between 1995 and 1998. Eighth studio opus by CAST (...Since 1994 !), "Imaginary Window" (1999) develops lyrical compositions perfectly structured. "Legacy" is from 2000 and is as good as the ones before, whereas the double-CD "Laguna De Volcanes" makes for the first time, covers of former tracks in Spanish ! "Castalia" is the witness of a concert given in Italy on that same year. Now with a dozen disks (Studio and live) in their pocket and as happy promoters of the BajaProg festival in Mexicali, Alfonso VIDALES and the guys could easily have some deserved rest. No way ! 2003's double-CD "Al-Bandaluz" shows that CAST is still far from reaching the end of its musical evolution. The staff is renewed, still based around its charismatic leader and the singer Francisco HERNANDEZ. From their early works influenced by Seventies Progressive rock (CAMEL, GENESIS, PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI...) and neo Progressive (MARILLION, IQ...), you can obviously find highly symphonic instrumental parts. The Latin side is still there, though it's not ostentatious. Actually the evolution is more generally based on a constantly rising ambition regarding songwriting. Here diversity rules. Watch out, this is an essential release for 2003 ! The concept-album "Nimbus" (2004) continues this will to embrace different musical styles, still pushing CAST closer to perfection... It seems so difficult to Alfonso VIDALES and his fellowmen to restrain their creativity today that they have started to collect double-studio albums ! The new opus "Mosaïque" (2006) doesn't change that rule as it presents sixteen new or older tracks, all of which were previously unreleased. This symphonic and adventurous music has gone beyond the mere neo Progressive rock for a long time now, as it integrated new instruments such as saxophone, cello or flute. The warmth of Spanish language contributes in giving, if necessary, a unique touch to this enchanting music. An essential album ! Like the legendary phoenix, CAST arises from its ashes, again and again. With the precision of a Mexican watch, Alfonso VIDALES and his crew awake with the spring coming. Believe it or not, that's also when the new edition of the BajaProg festival takes place. This time, the new album is called "Com.Union" (2007): it's simply excellent, imaginative and aventurous, and one may wonder when all this will come to an end... Later, later on, for sure ! And what's next ? The answer is... "Originallis" (2008) ! In a way similar to THE FLOWER KINGS, CAST loves multiplying the releases and alternating single and double-albums. This time, the twin-edition has been favoured. A milestone on the present Progressive rock stage, CAST continues its perfect journey with a new album, named "Vida" (2015). There's no "Mexican revolucion" to be expected here, but six extended pieces of the highest quality, taking their power and inspiration in the purest form of Progressive rock. Often alternating the languages of Shakespeare and Cervantes, the musicians chose the first option this time. No doubt about it: the trademark of quality "Excellent symphonic Progressive rock album" is still shining bright on south of the Rio Grande... Firmly established on the international stage, CAST invits today Italian violinist Roberto IZZO, a renowned member of GNU ENSEMBLE and NEW TROLLS, for its 2017 rendition. Named "Power And Outcome", this is a true feast of symphonic Progressive rock. Simply delightful !