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Peter HAMMILL is undeniably one of rock's cult-artists, someone that such different musicians as David BOWIE, Peter GABRIEL and FISH mention among their influences or admire. In more than forty albums (More than half of which were issued by his own label Fie ! and are exclusively distributed in France by Musea), this eclectic, prolific and honest poet musician has often been a pioneer for the various rock styles of the last thirty years: progressive rock with VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR as early as 1967, punk with "Nadir's Big Chance" in 1974, new-wave in 1980 with the K GROUP... He could also create a very peculiar poetic universe made of mediations and particularly powerful "visions". The albums issued in the late Eighties and during the following decade were marked by a constant will for change, even if the musicians that back him up are often the same ones: David JACKSON at the sax and flutes, Stuart GORDON at the violin, Manny ELIAS on drums. "Fool's Mate" is his first solo album, recorded in 1971. Then followed "Chameleon In The Shadow Of The Night" in 1973, and "Over" four years later. Issued in 1988, "In A Foreign Town" is a collection of various songs, a transition album but with his usual intensity. "Fireships" shows a soothed and serene artist, adept of great keyboards and truly beautiful melodies. "There Goes The Daylight", on the other hand, shows the concerts of the 1993 to 1995 period, some furious, electric moments, wild and impossible to describe. Recorded in 1992, the excellent rock opera "The Fall Of The House Of Usher" (Inspired by Edgar Allan POE's famous short-story) was successfully re-arranged in 1999 and has numerous famous guests (Lene LOVICH, Herbert GROENEMEYER...), a quite dark and lyrical album. "X My Heart", "Roaring Forties" and the latest "What, Now ?" (2001, an excellent year !) shows a progressive evolution towards ambitious tracks, sometimes close to the absolute reference VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR for their arrangements and intensity, and at times more intimate and meditative ("None Of The Above"). In order to present a complete overview of his works, Peter HAMMILL gives us a new compilation "The Thin Man Sings Ballads". This album includes twelve tracks that cover the period from 1982 to 2001, with tracks from nine albums, such as "Fireships" and "Everyone You Hold" or the recent "What, Now ?". And then "Clutch" (2002) arrives for us... The first thought that comes to mind is that it's a meticulous job ! Once more shall we say. Here is again the former leader of VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR playing his usual music, alone with his acoustic guitar and his deeply emotive lyrics. And in order to fill the sound space, this artist decided to add elegant lute parts. Stuart GORDON (Violin) and David JACKSON (Saxophone & flute) are also present on some tracks. There's no doubt about the fact that this major work will enthuse us. This is not surprising though, from one of the most emotive voices in the musical world of the last three decades... Parallel to the much awaited VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR reunion, his solo carreer still goes on, only interrupted for a few months by a heart attack. Recorded in the year 2009, "Thin Air" is nothing else than the Thin Man's thirty-first album ! On his own with this voice and his array of instruments, he delivers nine original tracks here, that sometimes might drive the nostalgics of "A Black Box" (1983) to tears. Excellent !