1870 - Pogo Y Cuatro Historias De Horror

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SpanishGA 8854GA 88543426300088543

1870 (MIL OCHOCIENTOS SETENTA in Spanish) is a present band playing Rock In Opposition made in Mexico. Very francophile, its musicians chose that date in memory of Count Of LAUTREAMONT's death, famous for his writings entitled "Chants De Maldoror". Musically speaking, references are also French-oriented, as they can be found by ART ZOYD's, or Belgian UNIVERS ZERO's chamber music. There are also borrowings from NAZCA, precursor of the genre in Mexico. Published as a joint-venture by the Musea and Luna Negra labels, the first album "Mitos De Un Resurreccion" (2008) proves to be an avant-garde opus with no compromise, a true tour-de-force. To be discovered !