ART DECADE - Novö Lüxo

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ART DECADENovö LüxoCD01:07:29201514,99 Add to my shopping cart
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EnglishMP 3300MP 33003426300033000
1 - La Prophétie Des Mauvais Jours - (3'38)

2 - Another Cigarettes - (7'37)

3 - Easy Suburb Life - (7'20)

4 - Cloudy Sunday - (7'35)

5 - Novö Lüxo - (6'36)

6 - Erotic Antique - (6'07)

7 - Black Summer - (7'15)

8 - Dante - (4'55)

9 - There's No Better Place - (8'38)

10 - Till The End - (7'43)

ART DECADE is a group that emerged in the late Eighties in the city of Lyon. Published on the Musea Parallèle label in the year 2015, "Novö Lüxo" is already the fifth album for this French duet, in a career spanning a quarter of a Century. At first influenced by cold-wave bands like THE CURE or JOY DIVISION, ART DECADE later made a detour in the field of contemporary choreography music, later on experiencing on industrial music. The duet is still rooted in cold-wave, but now mixes its legacy with a strong Progressive rock colour. "Novö Lüxo" contains long pieces, poetic flights, varied arrangements (Symphonic or electro), and the're still that sound recalling THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS. ART DECADE, or the Progressive cold-wave with the French touch. To be discovered !