BRUNT'OFF - French Cricket

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UNKNOWNGOOGLY-CP2010EX 165583355350020107

A certain youthfulness that grooves on various architectural levels, imaginary references to funk and musical and sporting British traditions (folk, rock, cricket), with a touch of English sense of humour. Both rugged and stylish, the band's sound is the result of an uncommon front line of violin and baritone saxophone, coupled with electric guitar and a keyboard rig revisiting Hammond organ and Fender Rhodes. A thoroughly successful venture in the field of tone color with cleverly chosen soloists, all nicely blended to form a true group sound. Thirty years after the first notable records by Weather Report, this album might be seen as an interesting attempt to renew an old language, using modern techniques: in this respect, the casting is perfect, and the group performance and the interaction of it's musicians are very effective.