ELLIPS - Sight

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EnglishMP 3285MP 32853426300032850
1 - Alive - (5'20)

2 - Shadows - (5'27)

3 - Daemon - (5'54)

4 - Alive - Reprise - (4'23)

5 - Days Of Dawn - (6'00)

6 - The River - (6'08)

7 - Stardust - (4'09)

8 - Outro - (1'52)

ELLIPS is a French alternative rock band created by Alexis ROMAN and Charles ROMAN, the two sons of the famous keyboards player of PULSAR. After a first publication by Musea Parallèle for one of them with the project COSMOS DREAM, the two brothers begin months of recording and achieve what they had in mind since many years. Recorded in the year 2014 on the Musea parallèle label, "Sight" is a dreamed journey of alternative rock music. The songs reflect a certain taste for punchy rock (Close to M83, BLOC PARTY or RADIOHEAD) mixed with improbable dreams of ambient music (Influenced by SIGUR ROS or Jon HOPKINS). The complexity of the recording, with electronic sounds and well-crafted production, create a musical landscape very rich and also very deep. To be discovered !