HOLY LAMB - Gyrosophy

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EnglishMP 3321MP 33213426300033215
1 - Porkpower - (3'14)

2 - To The Boy I Used To Be - (7'55)

3 - Murderous Words - (4'29)

4 - In The Safety Of My Hilltop Empire - (3'49)

5 - Trouble Vision - (8'13)

6 - This Amazing Race - (7'58)

7 - Out Of Place - (5'53)

8 - Down The Memory Hole - (5'27)

Latvia's Progressive rock band HOLY LAMB tells a slightly unconventional story about music. The musicians chose to integrate various shades of rock n' roll into their music. The result is as adventurous as it could possibly get. Released in the year 2016, "Gyrosophy" is the fourth studio album by HOLY LAMB, the perfect way to celebrate the band's twenty-fifth anniversary. This highly anticipated record contains four songs and four instrumental tracks with a lot of emphasis on melodies, arrangements and musicianship. The album was devised, recorded and produced by the group itself, mixed at the Mars Yapim Studios in Ankara (Turkey), mastered by Jon ASTLEY in the United Kingdom, and eventually published by the French label Musea Parallèle. Talk about international co-operation !