Jean LAPOUGE - Plaything

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Jean LAPOUGEPlaythingCD00:00:001994-200214,99 Add to my shopping cart
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InstrumentalGW 3137GW 31373426300031372
1 - Plaything - Trio - (3'41)

2 - Madrilènes - (7'06)

3 - Closer - (2'31)

4 - Trois Canards Dans La Mare - (5'14)

5 - Illusion Du Fond - (6'34)

6 - Trop Loin, Trop Cher - (4'47)

7 - Hongrois - (5'11)

8 - Plaything - Duo - (3'47)

9 - Aura - (5'34)

In between "Hauts Plateaux" (Musea Parallèle, 1993) and his latest effort "Temporäre" (Great Winds, 2011) Jean LAPOUGE, the founder of NOËTRA, played in a trio setting with Kent CARTER (Double-bass) and Jeff BOUDREAUX (Drums) for nearly a decade. The band went into the studio three times over this period. The musical context, resolutely jazz, allowed the composer to explore new directions in his compositions and guitar playing, the latter reveling in newfound freedom. The rhythm section is, simply put, brilliant. "Plaything" (Great Winds, 1994-2002) compiles those recording sessions, bearing testimony to the three musicians' dedication to what counts: the music. "Temporäre" offers an unconventional instrumentation, based around guitar, vibraphone (Christian PABOEUF) and trombone (Christiane BOPP). One might even hear oboe on two tracks. Recorded in May 2009, the album reflects the band's live work. The accent here is on the tracks' simplicity and their inherent poetry... For the composer, the album strikes the delicate balance between composition and improvisation. Not unlike the releases in non-chronologigal order dear to his band NOETRA, Jean LAPOUGE likes to build his own discography as a puzzle. "Des Enfants" (Great Winds/Musea, 2012) gathers two recording sessions made by his trio, completed by Christiane BOPP and Christian PABOEUF, prior to "Temporäre" (Great Winds/Musea, 2011). The tracks have been performed in 2005 and 2007 in Kent CARTER's studios. The musicians did record without rehearsing much back then, aiming at convincing tour-managers to hire them above all. This didn't work well for them anyway ! Listening again to these compositions recently, Jean LAPOUGE found this urge to record, and liked the freshness that resulted. The next step was to publish the disc as it was. And here you are, for the pleasure of your ears !