Michel TITIN-SCHNAIDER - L'Oratorio De L'Indicible

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Michel TITIN-SCHNAIDER composes on a computer, mainly on the basis of virtual instruments or from recording of real instruments. His music is intuitive, free of any kind of technic or predefined language. Electronics effects, virtuals or reals instruments, "field recording" are mixed on works of expressionist style. On his work, there are no breaks, the music evolves per "micro-changes", insidiously as in the real world: accumulation of tensions, complexity increase, loss of sense, anxiety or calming down. He works guided by the sound feeling on himself, and from his background of contemporary music lover in all styles (Electroacoustic, experimental, repetitive, serial, minimalist, spectral, micro-tonal, noise but also Progressive rock, opera, romantic music...) Often, his works has no defined musical style, but it evolves between several styles, depending on the theme of the piece: the religion, the colonization, the Lovecraftesque universe in "Oratorio De L'Indicible", the post-modernity philosophies in "La Mort De La Transcendance", etc...