NOETRA - Définitivement Bleus...

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NOETRADéfinitivement Bleus...CD00:00:001979-198214,99 Add to my shopping cart

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InstrumentalFGBG 4353FGBG 43533426300043535
1 - Mésopotamie - (4'14)

2 - Qui Est-Il Qui Parle Ainsi ? - (4'51)

3 - Reprise Mésopotamie - (1'16)

4 - Agréments Parfaitement Bleus - III - (4'03)

5 - Agréments Parfaitement Bleus - Epilogue - (1'02)

6 - Alpha De Centaure - (6'48)

7 - Venise - (6'24)

8 - Transparences - (7'44)

9 - Tintamarre - (6'36)

10 - Ephémère - (13'28)

11 - Forfanterie - (7'03)

12 - Printemps Noir - Final - (4'20)

It's also Musea's aim to make discover some past masterpieces which didn't even reach the stage of discographic release. That is the case for NOETRA's "Neuf Songes". Jean LAPOUGE composed and recorded those thirteen instrumental pieces between 1979 and 1981, with a line-up half-way between rock and chamber music (Guitar, bass, drum, oboe, flutes, cello, clarinet, saxophone and trombone). Considering in retrospect having too quickly turned down some tracks of the first album, he decides to release "Définitivement Bleus...". So this album includes twelve tracks of the 1979-1982 era, a logical continuation of "Neuf Songes". Superb compositions with superb sound, always with feeling. In both cases, his music takes from contemporary composers (STRAVINSKY, DEBUSSY), blending these influences with subtle touches coming from jazz or rock. It reminds sucessively of JULVERNE or TERPANDRE, but NOETRA reveals a rare originality and char music. Seen from another angle, NOETRA's music can be tense and harmful: let's imagine THE MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA without its typical angry outburst, but keeping in the mean time that anguished rhythm guitar and that twirling violin... Apart from a legitimate studio offering, NOETRA required a live album to prove how good its music was. The gap is filled today, thanks to the combined efforts of guitar player Jean LAPOUGE and the Musea label. They digged deep enough to reach the precious gem in Radio France's archives. So, here is "Live 1983" today ! It has been recorded straight in stereo, in live conditions, in Cubjac, in the Dordogne region. Featured here are five tracks, for hardly one hour of music. Don't miss that twenty-seven years feast, waiting for your ears ! "...Résurgences D'Errances" is the fourth part of the treasures from Jean LAPOUGE's vault: those archive recordings from the period 1978-1981 are essentially made of the performance given June 17th, 1981, the one that attracted the attention of the prestigious ECM label. The contract has never been signed though, and this led the band to call it a day without even issuing a single record... Listening to those awesome compositions today makes you wonder how this could ever have happened ! Fortunately, Musea is here to reinstate NOETRA on top of the Progressive rock scene. Not to be missed !