ORION - Mémoires Du Temps

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FrenchFGBG 4934FGBG 49343426300049346
1 - Mémoires Du Temps - (4'48)

2 - Attila - (3'05)

3 - Carpe Diem - (4'04)

4 - Noyade Interdite - (4'32)

5 - Solitude - (8'38)

6 - Près De La Nature - (4'10)

7 - NoirO Evil - (2'41)

8 - Le Rappiécé - (4'26)

9 - J'Entends Les Filles - (4'20)

10 - Il Est Parti - (2'22)

ORION performs Progressive rock sung in French, with some folk influences, close to French groups such as MONA LISA or ATOLL. One may also think of anglo-saxon bands such as GRYPHON, GENESIS, KING CRIMSON, PINK FLOYD, YES or GENTLE GIANT. ORION lies somewhere between these groups, with its own style. Recorded in the year 1979, "La Nature Vit, L'Homme Lui Critique..." is a very sought-after collector, reissued by Musea with a new cover art by Jean-Jacques KILLIAN (He did the same for the reissue of the self-titled album by GRIME) and, as a bonus, the two titles from the band's single. ORION is now back with a second album entitled "Mémoires Du Temps". Originally planned for the beginning of the Eighties, this second effort had to wait about thirty-three years to eventually see the light of day ! Restored and remixed from the original tapes, these six studio tracks are augmented by four compositions performed live. Here's a very accomplished album you will listen to, over and over again... ORION could have enjoyed being recognized for its old compositions, but it's also enjoyable to prove you're still alive and well. Eighteen months after the new bonuses included in "Mémoires Du Temps", the band led by Janusz TOKARZ et Patrick WYREMBSKI releases a brand new concept-album made of eight songs. Published on the Musea Parallèle label in the year 2015, "La Face Visible" ("The Visible Side") is a manifest against totalitarianism, always struggling for the freedom of expression. These eight titles, mostly instrumental, are mainly inspired by the personal experiences of the musicians, through the Berlin Wall events that took place November 9th, 1989. Not to be missed !