PEE BEE - All Of Us 13

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InstrumentalJEF003EX 266353426300097606

Eleven musicians, one singer and other associated artists including a slam poet are featured in this new opus. PEE BEE presents itself as a musical laboratory. A multicultural and multigenerational jazz collective, allowing all artists free expression of their influences and roots. The end result ?... Joyful jazz, deep groove and creativity. As a follow up to their first album, "All Of Us 13" proposes a truly modern big-band sound, in which the many talented musicians are able to express their individual voices and desires in this joint venture. French pulse poetry and lyrics in French, English and Spanish, take centre stage, immersed in enlightened and vibrant music. For this record, the group invite Damien NOURY, actor and renowned slammer, on five of the thirteen songs. His fine, socially committed writing blends perfectly with new music written by Gary BRUNTON and Claudio PALLARO.