Rhys MARSH - Sentiment

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Published in the year 2014, "Sentiment" is a journey into the darker side of the soul, both musically and lyrically, and is by far the most personal statement that British musician Rhys MARSH has produced. Sonically and texturally, this is a dense album, full of thick atmospheres and intense dynamics, with songs that will grip you and keep you on the edge of your seat. Following the success of KAUCASUS' debut album earlier this year, Rhys MARSH has continued down the same road, mood-wise, but brought the dark atmospheres into a more song-based setting, combining a similar intensity with more classic structures, leading to captivating and striking results. The album was written, performed and recorded by Rhys MARSH over a two year period, in his own Autumnsongs Recording Studio, located in Trondheim, Norway. From the outset, the urgency of "Sentiment" breaks through the speakers with the first alarm-like chords of "Calling In The Night", which will fight for your attention, and most likely win. The intensity runs straight through into the furiously-paced "Burn The Brightest Day", the folk-noir tones of "Pictures Of Ashes", and the ominous electronica-edged "The Seventh Face". It's only when we reach "The Ghost Ship" that we're allowed a moment to reflect, the melancholy taking the forefront, giving us some room to breathe. It's here that most Autumn Ghost fans will find comfort, but that comfort doesn't last for long... The grandiose "In The Sand" sets off the second half, its sonic beauty hiding a much darker lyrical theme. "Last November" begins as a catchy, upbeat number, before taking a turn, leading us straight back into the maelstrom of harmonic chaos. The final two songs descend into the heaviest and darkest sounds that Rhys MARSH has released to date, "Silver Light And Blackened Eyes", with its nightmarish chromatic patterns, and "Give Me - What You Need", which pushes further and further towards the sun, before burning out in a wall of distortion and feedback. The feeling of "Sentiment" is urgent and intense. There's nowhere to hide in this music, wrapped in fuzz guitars, imposing bass synth, merciless rhythms and dissonant colourings. Its abrasive textures and unexpected turns, mixed with the contrast of Rhys MARSH's trademark beautiful melodies, twisted here to a new dimension, will keep the comfort levels to the minimum.