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Live In Chicago - June 28th 2017
19.99 Ä Ref: EX 36123

KING CRIMSON (Royaume-Uni)
Live In Chicago - June 28th 2017

For those who aren't familiar with the guitarist Robert FRIPP, you have to be aware that he is without doubt the most experimental musician of his generation. After his first experience with the group of GILES-GILES-FRIPP in 1968, he formed a new group which included bassist-singer Greg LAKE, drummer Michael GILES and saxophonist Ian McDONALD. The first album of the group, "In The Court Of The Crimson King", which was released in 1969, has since been considered the founding opus of a new musical genre: Progressive rock ! The box set "Epitaph" retraces the very first concerts of this period, especially the live performances of the legendary "Twenty-First Century Schizoid Man", a cornerstone of contemporary music... So began KING CRIMSON, a group dedicated body and soul to the aims of its leader and noted for incessant changes of personnel. Their music, equal parts jazzy, rock and symphonic work, started to become more and more experimental and furious. "In The Wake Of Poseidon" and "Lizard" (The latter with Jon ANDERSON singing on one track !) both followed in 1970, with "Islands" showing up the following year. However, the very summit of their form, technically skillful, violent and spectacular, was not attained until the arrival of drummer Bill BRUFORD and bassist John WETTON in 1973. "Larks' Tongues In Aspic", along with "Starless And Bible Black" and "Red" the following year, are simply gems, mixing hallucinatory improvisations with insanely tortured (And tortuous) composed themes. "The Night Watch" is a recording of a concert from 1973 in which the quartet (Violinist David CROSS also played keyboards) continued to explore the outer limits... By order of their leader, KING CRIMSON broke up in 1974, after having released what remains their climactic album. A second incarnation saw the light of day in 1981, which was just as if not even more virtuosic than the original. The same drummer and guitarist were joined by Americans Tony LEVIN (Synthesizers, bass & Chapman Stick) and Adrian BELEW (Vocals & guitar). Three albums containing a hybrid of new-wave (More a reaction to the fashions of the time than any kind of concession to the musical industry, which would have been as useless as it was vain) and more "conventional" KING CRIMSON made an appearance: "Discipline" in 1981, "Beat" the following year and "Three Of A Perfect Pair" in 1984. There were also two visual documents of the madness of the group on stage ("The Noise - Live in Fréjus" and "Three Of A Perfect Pair - Live In Japan"). There followed a second period of slumber after their very last concert in Montreal in 1984, which was released as the double CD "Absent Lovers" (With impeccable sound, making it one of the most extraordinary concerts ever played by the group !). The group was stirred to action again in 1994 and remains so today, thirty-plus years after its birth. The first recording was an intentionally down-and-dirty short CD entitled "Vrooom". the double live album "B'Boom" was recorded in Argentina in 1995, and "THRaKaTTaK" the following year on tour. The perfect sound gave an idea of the damage done on stage by Master FRIPP and his disciples, which included Pat MASTELOTTO and the ubiquitous Bill BRUFORD on drums and percussion, Adrian BELEW, Tony LEVIN and Warr guitarist Trey GUNN. A fair number of the tracks from "Vrooom" (1994) and "Thrak" (1995), the two fiery, experimental studio albums of this lineup, figured on the first, as well as tracks from the second incarnation ("Sleepless", "Indiscipline") and even the first ("Red", "Larks' Tongues In Aspic"...). The famous "soundscapes", experimental research into the possibilities of solo electric guitar, were elevated to the level of an institution. Robert FRIPP created the label Discipline Global Mobile, on which he has released new recordings by the last incarnation of the group (A quartet on "The ConstruKCtion of Light", recorded in 2000 without Tony LEVIN or Bill BRUFORD), as well as albums by offshoot groups, such as THE PROJEKCTS. All the reissues of live concerts, whether current-day or historic, contain very complete booklets with numerous photos and lots of notes by Master FRIPP himself ! "The Noise - Live In Fréjus" offers us a really impressive quattuor dealing with technicality, inventiveness and cohesion. "Three Of A Perfect Pair - Live In Japan" is another testimony of a tour in Japan in the eighties. "Live In Japan" allows us to rediscover Tokyo a decade later, from now on with six musicians at the apex of their art !!! As for the DVD "Deja Vrooom", its issue in 1999 was kind of revolution for the music video world, due to the multiple new options. The programme is included on a double sided disc, which means the equivalent to two DVD ! Apart from the wonderful concert played by the double-trio, we can hear loads of bonus, from the photo album to Robert FRIPP's thorough comments, and to the possibility to choose the camera angles. As a bonus, create your own version of the famous "Twenty-First Century Schizoid Man", combining as you like the recordings from 1969, 1971, 1974 and even 1996 ! Four different line-ups for four different rhythm sections, four different vocals and four different solos... That keep an amazing synch on all the different combinations available. Adrian BELEW singing at the same time as Michael GILES plays the drums ?!? From now on, this is reality !!!

Rappelons aux non-initi√©s que le guitariste Robert FRIPP est sans doute le musicien le plus exp√©rimental de sa g√©n√©ration: apr√®s l'exp√©rience GILES-GILES-FRIPP en 1968, le premier album de sa toute nouvelle formation (Incluant le bassiste-chanteur Greg LAKE, le batteur Michael GILES et le saxophoniste Ian McDONALD) intitul√© "In The Court Of The Crimson King", sera tout simplement consid√©r√©, √† sa sortie en 1969, comme l'opus fondateur d'un nouveau courant musical, intitul√© par la suite "rock Progressif" !!! Le coffret "Epitaph" retrace ainsi les tout premiers concerts de cette p√©riode, notamment les prestations sc√©niques du mythique "Twenty-First Century Schizo√Įd Man", une pierre angulaire de la musique contemporaine... Ainsi d√©buta la premi√®re p√©riode de KING CRIMSON, formation d√©di√©e corps et √Ęme √† son leader et connaissant des changements de personnel incessant. Sa musique jazzy, quelque part entre rock et oeuvre symphonique, va prendre une dimension de plus en plus exp√©rimentale et paroxystique: "In The Wake Of Poseidon" et "Lizard" (Avec Jon ANDERSON au chant, sur la suite-titre !) se succ√®dent en 1970, suivis par "Islands" douze mois plus tard. Cependant, la v√©ritable quintescence de leur art, technique, violent et spectaculaire, ne sera atteinte qu'√† partir de 1973 avec l'arriv√©e du batteur Bill BRUFORD et du bassiste John WETTON: "Larks' Tongues In Aspic", puis "Starless And Bible Black" et "Red" l'ann√©e suivante sont des joyaux, m√™lant improvisations hallucinantes et th√®mes tortur√©s √† l'extr√™me. "The Night Watch" retrace un concert de 1973 √† Amsterdam, lorsque le quatuor (David CROSS, le violoniste, joue √©galement des claviers.) se cherchait encore... Sur la volont√© de son mentor, KING CRIMSON se saborde pourtant en 1974, apr√®s ce qui restera sans doute comme son album le plus abouti. Une seconde incarnation verra le jour en 1981, autant si ce n'est plus virtuose que la premi√®re, avec le m√™me batteur-percussionniste, et les am√©ricains Tony LEVIN et Adrian BELEW, respectivement clavi√©riste-bassiste (Stick) et chanteur-guitariste. Trois albums d'un hybride de new-wave d√©jant√©e (Bien plus une provocation vis-√†-vis des modes de l'√©poque qu'une quelconque, et inutile autant que vaine, concession au business musical...) et de KING CRIMSON "conventionnel" verront le jour ("Discipline" en 1981, "Heartbeat" l'ann√©e suivante et "Three Of A Perfect Pair" en 1984.), ainsi que deux t√©moignages visuels de la d√©mesure des musiciens sur sc√®ne ("The Noise - Live In Fr√©jus" et "Three Of A Perfect Pair - Live In Japan"). Intervient alors une seconde mise en sommeil, illustr√©e par leur tout dernier concert √† Montr√©al en 1984, le double "Absent Lovers" (Un son impeccable, pour l'une des prestations sc√©niques les plus extraordinaires jamais r√©alis√©es par le groupe !!!). Le court CD "Vrooom" (1994) sera synonyme d'une troisi√®me mise en action, toujours effective aujourd'hui. Volontairement brouillon et sale, le double live "B'Boom" fut enregistr√© en Argentine en 1995, et "THRaKaTTak" l'ann√©e suivante en tourn√©e. La qualit√© impeccable du son permet d'avoir une id√©e des ravages caus√©s par le ma√ģtre et ses acolytes, √† savoir l'in√©vitable Bill BRUFORD et le batteur-percussionniste Pat MASTELOTTO, Adrian BELEW, Tony LEVIN et le "warrguitariste" Trey GUNN, sur sc√®ne. Une bonne partie des titres de "Vrooom" (1994) et "Thrak !" (1995), les deux albums exp√©rimentaux et fougueux de la troisi√®me incarnation figurent sur le premier, ainsi que des morceaux plus anciens ("Sleepless", "Indiscipline"...) et des pi√®ces historiques ("Red", "Larks' Tongues In Aspic"...). Les fameux "soundscapes", ces recherches exp√©rimentales √† la guitare √©lectrique soliste, sont ici √©lev√©s au rang d'institution. Robert FRIPP a cr√©√© le label Discipline Global Mobile (Distribution Musea en France) sur lequel il sort les nouvelles r√©alisations de la derni√®re incarnation de son groupe de toujours, KING CRIMSON (En quatuor sur "The ConstruKCtion Of Light", album paru en l'an 2000 sans les fameux Bill BRUFORD & Tony LEVIN...). on y retrouve √©galement des enregistrements des formules parall√®les du Roi Pourpre, comme la s√©rie THE PROJEKCTS... Toutes les r√©√©ditions de live d'√©poque ou actuels b√©n√©ficient d'un livret d√©taill√© tr√®s complet, agr√©ment√© de nombreuses photos, et richement annot√© par "Ma√ģtre FRIPP" himself ! "The Noise - Live In Fr√©jus" nous pr√©sente un quatuor tout bonnement impressionnant de technicit√©, d'inventivit√© et de coh√©sion. "Three Of A Perfect Pair - Live In Japan" est un autre t√©moignage d'une tourn√©e au Pays du Soleil Levant durant les ann√©es quatre-vingts. Quant √† "Live In Japan", il permet de red√©couvrir Tokyo une d√©cennie plus tard, avec d√©sormais pas moins de six musiciens au sommet de leur art !!! Quant au DVD "Deja Vrooom", sa sortie en 1999 a r√©volutionn√© le monde de la vid√©o musicale, de par ses multiples options in√©dites. Le programme est contenu sur un disque double-face, soit l'√©quivalent de deux DVD ! Outre le magnifique concert jou√© par le double-trio, l'on y trouve une foule de bonus, allant de l'album photo aux commentaires exhaustifs de Robert FRIPP, et en passant par la possibilit√© de choisir soi-m√™me ses angles de prise de vue. Clou du spectacle: r√©alisez vous-m√™me votre version exclusive du fameux "Twenty-First Century Schizoid Man", en combinant √† loisir des enregistrements de 1969, 1971, 1974 ou... 1996 ! Quatre formations diff√©rentes pour quatre sections rythmiques diff√©rentes, quatre chants diff√©rents et quatre soli diff√©rents... Qui se combinent en un synchronisme stup√©fiant, quelle que soit l'√©poque et selon votre bon vouloir. Adrian BELEW chantant en m√™me temps que Michael GILES joue de la batterie ?!? C'est d√©sormais une r√©alit√© !!!